one of my favorite things about watching sunny is catching the cast either breaking or trying to hide their laughter so here’s a two minute compilation of it happening

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someone make a david fincher x starbucks fanvid

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The guy near the back of the support group has a Starbucks cup in his hand

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the narrator looks up and takes his dick out of tyler. ‘i’m sorry i’m not gay i swear.’

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Anonymous: marla unlocks her apartment and enters. 'Oh my god!' She cries. the narrator looks up and takes his dick out of tyler. 'i'm sorry i'm not gay i swear.' marla steps back in shock. 'Tyler why are you masturbating in my apartment.' the narrator covers himself in a robe. 'Tyler and I found some lube in ur bathroom soz.' narrator turns to his boyf. 'im sorry babe do u wanna go fight somewhere?' tyler frowns and lights himself a cigarette. 'lincoln. i'd fuck lincoln. big guy, big reach.'


is this a deleted scene from Fight Club

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Title: The Look
Artist: Metronomy
Album: The English Riviera
Plays: 1542
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i just went to disneyland for the first time in 1000 years im so happy

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Anonymous: Sext p2: Where qt and spike jonze's face cutouts as pasties to the concert. That's it. Nothing else.

i hope they both show up at the concert and kick my ass

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what country you from? “what” ain’t no country I ever heard of. They speak English in what?
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