imageTumblr gets pretty anti-religious sometimes, but this is one of the worst examples I’ve seen yet

like holy crap

"christianity: god hates fags"

Way to make a broad, ignorant statement about a religion without knowing anything about it at all.

First off, that whole “god hates fags” bullshit is from westboro baptist church. IT IS IN NO WAY AN ACCURATE REPRESENTATION OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH AS A WHOLE. Can we please stop assuming that all Christians hate homosexuality? Like really.

Tumblr claims to be so “forward” and “progressive,” but they still have these stupid rockhead beliefs about religion and people who practice it. “You’re Christian? Oh, you have to be a white male who hates homosexuality!1! Lol let’s go make fun of Christians because they believe in a bearded man in the sky!! Christians believe in a higher power, they must be idiots. I believe in science!!” (those are honest to God things I’ve seen posted on this website.)

Second, Christianity isn’t even that hardcore of a religion. You maintain a spiritual connection, be a good person, do good things, and that’s about it. You’re not forced into anything.

Third, what the fuck is wrong with loving and respecting others?? Honestly. It’s called not being a fucking baby. Grow up.

Stupid posts like these give Christians a bad name. It’s cool if you’re not religious. Frankly, I don’t care. But don’t make these broad, hateful statements about my religion just to make us look bad in favor of your beliefs (or lack of). I don’t like you making up shit about my religion, and I’m NOT ok with it.

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